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Soosan Hydraulic Breakers
Soosan Hydraulic Breakers includes the unique Soosan SB series which optimizes impact energy.
These SB series breakers are designed to be the toughest and most dependable ones in the category. The maintenance is not very grumpy and can be easily done because of the simple design. We deal the following range of SB series breakers:

  • SB-43
  • SB-50
  • SB-70
  • SB-81
  • SB-121
Soosan Rockbreaker
Rockbreaker Operation
Why Us

With our advanced knowledge, technical expertise and adherence to quality standards, TASS has reached national as well as international level. Our major focus is on keeping ourselves abreast with the latest technological know-how and the recent market trends. With one of the best teams and infrastructural facilities in the area, we are the most sought after companies in Indian market.

Our OEM Soosan Heavy Industries Company Limited, Korea is the well known global brand in quality Rock Breaker. Soosan has been awarded for the quality standards for products, engineering, safety and labour welfare. They follow a strict quality process designed innovatively.
We make sure that each of our customers gets the best value for the money, hence we follow some underlying rules and out of all the companies, you can trust us on:


  • Availability
  • On time delivery
  • Robust after sales support
  • Most competitive costing – both operating as well as maintenance
  • Qualified, dedicated workforce with experience
  • Regular feedback relating to equipment performance and quality issues.
  • Timely procurement of parts.
  • We keep ourselves abreast with latest knowledge.
  • State of art infrastructure.
  • Continuous improvement in products and services.

Quality Control

Like the blood is to body, quality is to company. It is the main guiding principle of our working philosophy. We make it a point that our clients however small or large they are, get the true and best value for their money.
With consistent efforts of our dedicated team, our quality standards are inseparable from our criterion of working.

Soosan is the achiever of a range of certificates for quality and awards like Quality Management System  for defense industries OS, Quality (IQNet), ISO14001, American VCA, CE (SUP), TUV2 (SB series), Quality Management System for defense industries Certificate, TUV1 (SB series), CE (SRG), Certificate of Quality Management system, CE2 (SB series), CE (SMC), SP3, SP6, CE1 (SB series).

At TASS Technical, we simply follow the equal quality control parameters and make conscious attempts to deliver optimum outputs; on which our reputation is built.

For us, the clients come first and we therefore ensure the brilliantness in quality of our large plethora of Rock Breaker products. We have set standards and quality assurance procedures which we follow in a very rigorous manner.

From inception of a deal with the order placement, up-to final delivery; our process undergoes several quality tests. With a team of Quality Assurance Executives, we place a strong vigilance on the complete process to make sure that our products are without any defects. We also make sure that the requirements of customers are sufficed and we ensure reliable and dependable solutions to our client’s needs.


We possess an experience of more than two decades in the field of mining and heavy machineries equipment.