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Who We Are

We at Powermaster [India] deal in Hydraulic Rock Breaker and other attachments relating to heavy machinery equipment in India. We are the authorised suppliers and distributors of Powermaster Rock Breakers in India. We have an extensive range of products that can assist and aid in excavator mounted demolition. Although we specialise in Hydraulic Rock Breakers, we can also provide other attachments such as Quick Couplers and Longreach Attachments for excavators and earth moving machines too.

With the experience of three decades, we have been successfully serving the Mining, Road Construction, Building, Construction and Earth Moving Industries for a long time.

While being based at Udaipur, the mining hub of Rajasthan, with our strong hold over the market we cater to esteemed clients from all over the country.

What We deal in

Powermaster [India] deals in excavating and heavy machineries equipment. With our focus on hydraulic rock breakers, we provide a spectrum of products in the non explosive demolition industry and beyond.

We mainly deal in the following Demolition Products:

Hydraulic Rock Breaker

PMB Series The super silent series

  • PMB-750
  • PMB-1000
  • PMB-1350
  • PMB-1400A
  • PMB-1550A

PMS Series

  • PMS-750
  • PMS-1000
  • PMS-1350
  • PMS-1400A
  • PMS-1550A


With our technical expertise, experience and stronghold on market, we aim to be the most trusted partner in providing our customers a whole range of Hydraulic Rock Breakers and other Special attachments.


We hold a vision to make focused efforts to make our services visible in a global scenario. We look forward to this with maintaining our goodwill and superior quality standards at all levels.

Core Values

  • Customer driven management that responds to the sense of urgency and services clients in their needs.
  • Honesty and integrity in all endeavours.
  • Transparency and robustness in management.
  • Professionally handled commitments.
  • Prudence practices to conserve environmental resources and personal resources as well.
  • Believe in healthy competition.
  • Respect towards team and individual.