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Soosan Rockbreaker

TASS Technical Services offers you a vivid product folio that constitutes several internationally renowned brands including Soosan and others Hydraulic Rock Breakers. At a time we have complete Soosan products range  to offer our clients especially Rock Breaker and Hydraulic Breaker components. At TASS Hydraulic Rock Breaker Division we deal exclusively in Soosan Hydraulic Rock Breakers in addition to other products like Soosan Cranes, Drills and Quick Couplers.

Soosan Hydraulic Rock Breakers:

  • SB-43
  • SB-50
  • SB-70
  • SB-81
  • SB-121


TASS Technical Services offers new generation Soosan Crawler and other Drills of ST series. They are developed by integrating an advanced concept of highly skilled research team with  technology. In addition to drills, drifters also constitute our product folio.



We at TASS deal with the Soosan Truck mounted Cranes that are safe, capable and comes with Operating devices that are user friendly. We deal in almost all variety of Soosan cranes available and are demanded for, be it knuckle cranes, lorry cranes or pedestal crane. With maintaining quality standards, we also follow strict safety measures too.

Quick Couplers

We deal in various quick couplers for different machine classes of hydraulic and mechanical (manual) designs. With all necessary controls and services we provide you with a wide range of quick couplers.


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